Engagement Steps

  • Evaluate your financial position and define the engagement
  • Understand your goals and values
  • Elaborate a plan for proposal, approval and implementation
  • Regular reviews and course corrections as needed

Engagement Fee Structure

Fee for service Options

Option 1 – just consulting: Hourly rate

Option 2 – need for a written Plan:  a flat fee is negotiable, depending on the initial plan complexity. Further plan implementation, and fee for service, includes the first year of monitoring, renewable in each subsequent year.

Commissions and Trailers Option

Inwest Financial operates as a fully independent financial adviser. We have the ability to “shop around” the world of insurance and wealth management to select the solutions which best fit our clients’ needs and means. When an insurance or wealth suggestion is implemented with Inwest Financial, as part of a plan we prepared, some of the remuneration we receive can be deducted against their chosen engagement fee model. With this option, we want to encourage a long term planning relationship.

Whether consulting hourly, for a flat fee, or with needed insurance or wealth management solutions, Inwest Financial clients can choose the model which works best for them.