How are you protecting your most valuable Asset?          

Did you know that you are yours, your family and your business’ most valuable Asset?  Thanks to your potential earning power, that precious value, called your “Human Capital” is the total of what you can earn in one year, times the number of years you will be active. For example, a 30 years old Individual earning $100,000 a year for the next 35 years until retirement at age 65 has a “Human Capital” of $3.5 millions. How much is yours worth?

How well are you protecting that invaluable asset?

How are you protecting your Income now?

Having the capacity to earn an income is paramount to your success in achieving your goals and dreams, while taking care of your family and your business. To be able to work, you need three basic conditions filled. You have to be alive, able-bodied and healthy.

What is your plan for protecting your income against the statistically probable occurrence of a grave illness, disability or,worse, no longer being there anymore?

How will you protect and optimize your Income in retirement?

Increase the longevity of your hard earned retirement savings, protect government benefits, minimize the tax grind by knowing what asset to draw from first and learn how to make your money last as long as you do (and longer, if you wish to leave a legacy to your children or your favourite charity).

How well has your current advisor prepared you for this crucial transition from the accumulation to the decumulation phase?